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From Kieler Nachrichten - September 29, 2008

It all began with

25th biker meeting
drew bikers from all over
Europe to Plön

Plön - When Joachim Tiedt from Plön in 1981* for the first time organized a motorcyclist meeting for nearly 20 persons , he has not suspected that he had established an international traditional event. This weekend brought together nearly 90 bikers from all over Germany, Scandinavia, the Netherlands and UK to celebrat the 25th time a joyful celebration on his plot of land. "It has all begun as a so-called "Schweinefete" (pig party) recalls Tiedt, who goes by the name of Titus, at the first meeting. The name refers to the pig-eating, which was the end of a round trip. Over the years, the number of biker grew and so did their appetite. "Meanwhile, now is grilled, because you can spontaneously react to additional guests," said Tiedt. Indeed, in good weather, he estimated at least together with 100 persons. The actual core-chen of the event, however, constitute the common Exits in different groups. "We have worked out some tours with different goals and different route lengths, so that everyone can make his choice and

even the latecommers can join in. Tiedt, since 1979 in the saddle, met most of his friends at his own motorcycle holidays. One of them, for example, the Dutchman Frans Smulders, whom Tiedt met in 1981 as a spectator at the motorcycle world championship in Sweden. "Somehow we have come together to talk, on the way back home I invited Frans for a stoppover, perhaps this was the birth of the bikers meeting," recalls Tied. Another "positive motorsports madman" Tiedt met at the British Isle of Man, where he visited the worlds oldest race. "We were sitting beside John Cattier in the pub and came into the shop on the Tourist Trophy", said Tiedt. When the Last Order was drunk - at that time English pubs had to be closed relatively early - Cattier invited the small round to his home. "Since then we visit visit each other regularly", stated Tiedt and was looking forward to welcome the British along with his wife Vivien for the fifth time in Plön. The anniversary meeting will take place but now, because in the past years all in all three** meeting had been cancelled, Tiedt figures out. Due to illness it had to be cancel twice, once we all had been at a Formula 1 race at the Nürburgring.

Through this ravine they need must come: With a ride through a green driveway the biker start at Joachim Tiedt for a trip through the "Holsteinische Schweiz".

Photo Schneider

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Titus comments

Once a reporter comes into the house and then you sit there, like the rabbit in front of the snake and you are pleased, to still know your own name.

With all the excitement, I totally overlooked that the long friendship with the Waltrops was not even mentioned. Of course, now I'm sorry, but it can't be helped.

To you and all who also deserve to be mentioned, I just want to say:
You are not forgotten!

* - actually the legendary 1st Fete took place in 1980.
** - In total, 4 meetings have been dropped.